Becoming a Better Salesperson

healthy choicesI consider myself a perpetual student. I love learning. I went back to school twelve years after I finished my undergraduate degree to get a Master’s degree, in large part just because I love learning. Because of that inner drive to grow and to know things, even my personal life is filled with knowledge-seeking. I read a lot– and it’s almost always non-fiction, from essays and/or instructionals written by Jiu Jitsu black belts; to learning how to understand and invest in the stock market; to understanding the mental game in athletics; to books about The Hidden Side of Everything. Another way I feel I am constantly educating myself and feeding my addiction to knowledge is by listening to the Freaknomics podcast, which I have posted about before.

Just last week, I had mentioned in my post that I am a better coach than a salesperson. Well, interestingly enough, in the time since I published that post I happened to listen to a Freaknomics podcast that hit close to home, in that regard. The podcast laid out some interesting ideas about motivation and about making the “right” decisions for ourselves.
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Does Financial Literacy Work?

piggy-literacyI listen to the Freakonomics podcast every week. I love it. I would listen to it daily, if it was produced that often. Recently, I decided to go back and listen to some back episodes and came across one from January of 2012 that talked about financial literacy.

The podcast shared some data (as they always do– it’s about economics, which is all about data) and had a few guests on to talk about the big question of the episode, which was: Does financial literacy work?

It got me to thinking: Does it? Does financial literacy (or education actually) change anything for people on its own?

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